Organized by the Connecticut Partners for Health, Better Health: It’s Your Health, Take Charge, is an annual patient engagement conference which provides an opportunity for consumers and providers to learn about trends in the healthcare industry.


Healthcare providers are continually developing new ways to assist in delivering high quality care while reducing overall costs. A critical success factor in this transformation is the expectation that healthcare delivery models will increasingly become patient-centered. A focus on both consumer engagement and patient engagement will play a central role in improving care outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.


In an effort to assist with this transformation, the CT Partners for Health organized an annual patient engagement conference called Better Health: It’s Your Health, Take Charge. The multi-track, regional event focuses on advancing the movement towards a more engaged consumer of healthcare. This conference provided an opportunity for consumers to learn together with providers, administrators, and health plan personnel from national and local thought leaders about trends in the healthcare industry.


The conference has evolved into an annual event, drawing between 400 and 600 clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders including trade associations, community based-organizations, government, charitable organizations, payers and health information technology organizations. Local and national healthcare experts shared their experiences, best practices and innovations in patient engagement.

“Never in all my travels have I seen such an inspiring and educational consumer-focused event. It felt like the vision of patient-centered care coming alive before my eyes.”
e-patient Dave deBronkart, 2013 Conference Keynote Speaker