The Final CoPs Have Arrived!

Will you be ready?

The changes in the COPs that home health agencies must meet in order to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs were issued on January 13, 2017 and go into effect on January 13, 2018.  These rules will be the new benchmark for providing home health care. Driven by the Affordable Care Act, the changes are focused on patient centered care.  According to the Federal Register Final Rule, the CoPs provide, “a focus on a patient-centered, data-driven, outcome-oriented process.”  The main themes to accomplish this include safeguarding patients’ rights, improving outcomes and engaging patients, families and physicians in care planning and delivery.

The new CoPs represent a fundamental change in how you will provide care and manage your agency. 

We recommend that you prepare and start to implement some of the changes in COPs now to ensure that you are prepared when they go live on January 13, 2018.

What are the changes?

  • Patient’s rights- provision of information in their own language and with changes in the plan of care, advanced directives, patient understanding and agreement to participate in the plan of care and comprehensive investigation of complaints.
  • Care planning and implementation incorporates a full interdisciplinary team approach including physicians.
  • Quality Assurance Performance Improvement process must be agency wide, ongoing and data driven.
  • Infection control education and reporting incorporated into all aspects of agency programs
  • Three specific sections impacted
    • 484.1-2  General Provisions
    • 484.40-80  Patient Care
      • Several sections expanded
      • Two are essentially new (QAPI/Infection Prevention)
    • 484.100-115  Organizational Environment
      • Emergency Preparedness

Where do you begin?

Change is not easy, but the benefits of implementing these changes in your agency far outweigh the time and resources your agency will need to adjust to the new standards.  Do you need some ideas on how can you incorporate ‘yet another change process’ into your agency?

We are committed to your success and can help you to navigate the myriad of changes confronting your agency.  Please contact Melissa Gordon, Senior Consulting Director, for a free consultation on a custom approach for your agency to be positioned for success.