Mar 28, 2017

Qualidigm has relocated its corporate headquarters to a new, more expansive office space in order to accommodate its growing number of employees and clients.

In October 2016, Qualidigm purchased a distressed office building in Wethersfield, Conn. located at 936 Silas Deane Highway and immediately began extensive renovations. The 44,000 square foot facility, of which Qualidigm occupies approximately 20,000 square feet, offers an open space concept lending itself to more collaboration and innovation among the Qualidigm staff. The expansive space also supports the 50% revenue and employee growth the company has experienced over the last five years.

Company culture is foundational to Qualidigm success, and it is closely measured. Based on employee survey feedback four years ago, the company maintained a “clan culture” characterized by its collaborative, family-style roots. While often considered inward-focused, the company leveraged the existing clan culture to build an adhocracy-based culture to be more outward-facing; a culture that is creative, innovative, and prides itself on breakthrough thinking. Qualidigm uses its mission-driven engine to align interests in the creation of a stewardship-based model, focused on growth to expand and extend the company’s mission.

“Every employee at Qualidigm is tied to our growth and owns a piece of that success,” said Tim Elwell, Ph.D., Qualidigm President and Chief Executive Officer. “We needed to expand our office space to support not only our growth but also our culture and collaborative thinking. While conceptualizing the new space, it was important for us to create an environment that supports our company values of stewardship, trust, authenticity, integrity, and respect to encourage open communications and transparency. The design of our new space encourages staff to get up, interact, engage and challenge each other with new ideas. Our aim was to create a “Google-esque” feel and I believe we’ve achieved our goal,” said Elwell.

Qualidigm’s new corporate headquarters features a traditional, open space executive suite on the first floor with an open-air, center staircase, which connects the administrative and executive services to the consulting space on the second floor. The consulting suite includes a large, open, collaborative space with a non-traditional 40 foot serpentine couch surrounded by 300 square feet of writable and projectable walls to capture and share new concepts and ideas. Multiple smaller collaboration spaces are located throughout the second floor, including a series of standing desks outside glass-encased workstations for consultants who do not want to be confined to a cubicle.

In addition to the corporate headquarters, Qualidigm has also leased long-term “community space” across the street from the main office. This 3,300 square foot facility houses the company’s formal board room and serves as a large meeting space for Qualidigm hosted programs. The community space, which accommodates over 120 people, will also be available to other organizations from the local healthcare community to host larger meetings and programs.

Qualidigm’s new corporate headquarters is located at 936 Silas Deane Highway in Wethersfield, Conn. and the community space is located at 912 Silas Deane Highway. Atop the building is the company’s new logo and company name.  See an online gallery of Qualidigm’s new corporate headquarters.