Melissa C. Gordon, MBA, RN, ACHC, CHAP
Senior Consulting Director


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A new virtual option with our QAPI compliance tool helps you to work smarter, not harder, assisting you with both identifying agency’s areas of non-compliance in real time and developing a plan of correction.

Today’s business climate, encumbered with stringent federal and state regulations and programs, can make it difficult for your agency to compete. Surprise audits from state and federal surveyors require a thorough knowledge of how your agency’s processes measure up to the numerous regulations. Agency leaders often have too much to do on a daily basis to identify the problems, and lack the tools and expertise to formulate a plan for QAPI.

Qualidigm’s compliance tool and “virtual third hand” allows your agency to be proactive and prepared, avoiding penalties and costly outcomes. SMARTAUDIT® is linked to federal regulations and equipped with the new COPs.

SMARTAUDIT® provides comprehensive assessment to the clinician level for actionable plans and solutions. Custom-designed focused reviews, addressing specific agency concerns, can be supplied monthly or quarterly. Qualidigm also provides consulting services to analyze and interpret the quarterly reports, along with a detailed corrective action plan and performance improvement initiatives.

Qualidigm’s customized virtual consulting services are efficient and affordable, and will save your staff from spending valuable time on clinical record review, data analysis, and performance improvement plans, while at the same time improving QAPI outcomes.